Zamberlan manufactures mobile electrical substations for MV/LV transformation, carried out inside normalized containers ISO (20″,40″, etc..), which are adapted for use and prepared with insulation and internal systems of ventilation/air conditioning. They can also be supplied with power transformers. These electrical substations are suitable in cases where, for example, the transport and storage is done on the ship, thus responding to those requirements of standardized dimensions, fixing, stackability typical of this system.



They are electrical substations similar to the previous but with the advantage that they are tailored according to the specific needs of the customer, this allowing an excellent quality/price ratio.
The dimensions are comparable to those of the containers (ex. 6000x2400x2800 corresponding to 20″), they are equipped with a robust self-supporting structure that enables movement with equipment already installed inside, with the only limit that are not stackable.

They offer several advantages:

– Modular dimensions, so customizable
– Width and position of the doors and / or hatches are customized
– Possibility of mounting handles, anti-panic bars, safety handles
– Dipping roof with gutter
– Clean design, its discreet appearance enables installation in exposed areas

The equipment to be mounted inside the electrical substations furniture can be supplied by the customer or directly by Zamberlan (LV and MV electrical panels), which takes care of the wiring (electrical panels, inverters, power transformers) and supply of all internal systems (internal sockets, lighting, burglar alarm, air conditioning, etc..).