The range of low voltage constitutes a complete offer of electrical panels, from deployment to the MCC, built by Zamberlan on the basis of a solid experience in decades of active presence in the electromechanical sector. Joined to the continuous research and openness to new solutions, thus it offers a best-established product and unique at the same time. The Zamberlan’s electrical panels can be made both with standard modular configurations and according to the specific design requirements, allowing in the “no-standard” high levels of customization (ex. Electrical panels double-sided, with side entry, with development of horseshoe), supported by assistance service of the Technical Office in the design and in collaboration with Customer.

The production, complying to European standard CEI EN 61439-1 e CEI EN 61439-2, provides a complete range of systems and electrical panels BT:


Unimeta 2001

Distribution Panel “Power Center” with a modular structure, with standard width of the columns of 700-850-1000 mm, depth of 850-1050-1150 mm, height of 2250 mm. Other configurations are available on request.

Unimeta TL

Secondary distribution panel up to 690V for modular switches or breakers up to 800A. Standard widths of 600-800 mm, depth of 400-600 mm, height of 2250 mm.


Panel by extremely small dimensions to meet to the need to install a general circuit breaker immediately downstream of a power transformer, installed alongside the grid of segregation.


Electrical panels for controlling motors with fixed drawers. The supporting structure and thus also the dimensions are the same as the power center Unimeta 2001 switchboard. Each drawer, with modular height, includes equipment and auxiliary circuits for motor control.