The Company

The headquarter (Directorate General, Technical and Administration Offices, Establishment of production) is located in the industrial area of Valdagno, province of Vicenza, where it occupies an area of 10,000 sq.m. of which 4000 sq.m. covered, with a staff of 50 employees, for a turnover of approximately 7 million Euro. Her “historical” provenance is the wiring and the experience goes over 40 years of activity. Just considering the origins, ZAMBERLAN has always given more attention for a global approach to the needs of the Customer; for this reason it provides its technical structure so that the best product is proposed for every specific need and configuration of the electrical system.

The Company’s policy has always been oriented toward the products of high quality. In practice this is accomplished through a process that is performed to 95% on the inside of ZAMBERLAN; therefore we can check the quality by the beginning of the process and in all the details (including small components carpentry). Regarding the electrical components we use, for both the eletrical panels Medium Voltage and Low Voltage, only products of primary brands in the international market. In addition to the quality control for the various stages of processing and assembly, the finished product is tested in the testing room with the rules written by the international standard I.E.C. and national standard C.E.I.. All the certifications obtained by the Italian Experimental Electrotechnical Centre of Milan (CESI) are available to customers relating to tests carried out on products in compliance with international standards.
Since November 1996, we have obtained the QUALITY SYSTEM CERTIFICATION and now it is updated to ISO 9001:2015 directly by the CSQ.


Offer - Project - Feasibility

At this stage the Technical Department wants to understand the configuration of the system, in order to offer the right product. All designs are made using an advanced 3D CAD system


From receipt of order to the delivery date, the customer can check at any time, the progress of his work. Zamberlan invites customers to physically check the quality and the adequacy of the work

A strict delivery date

Zamberlan assigns a heavy weight to PUNCTUALITY IN DELIVERY. For standard products, of which the Company has availability of components in stock, delivery time is 30-40 days

Installation and commissioning

To ensure that its products are properly installed and respond with all its potential, Zamberlan also follows this phase with its own staff and the technician responsible for the order