The Company’s policy has always been oriented towards high quality products. In practice, this is achieved by means of a working process that is carried out entirely inside ZAMBERLAN, thus making it possible to control the quality from the start of work and for all details (including the small carpentry components). The historical origin is the one of the electrical systems and the experience goes beyond the 40 years of activity. Just considering the origins, ZAMBERLAN has always paid much attention to a comprehensive approach to customer needs.

Offer – Project – Feasibility

At this stage the Technical Department wants to understand the configuration of the system, in order to offer the right product. All designs are made using an advanced 3D CAD system


From receipt of order to the delivery date, the customer can check at any time, the progress of his work. Zamberlan invites customers to physically check the quality and the adequacy of the work

A strict delivery date

Zamberlan assigns a heavy weight to PUNCTUALITY IN DELIVERY. For standard products, of which the Company has availability of components in stock, delivery time is 30-40 days

Installation and commissioning

To ensure that its products are properly installed and respond with all its potential, Zamberlan also follows this phase with its own staff and the technician responsible for the order

All the certifications obtained at the Centro Elettrotecnico Sperimentale Italiano in Milan (CESI) are available to the client regarding the tests carried out on the products in compliance with international standards.

Our Products

For over 60 years active in the market of the electromechanical construction and industrial plant engineering, Zamberlan is specialized in the design, development and construction of electrical panels MV/LV , becoming an important reference point in northern Italy for industrial installers, entities of distribution and manufacturing companies for the production of electrical panels protected MV/LV.

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M04 - Quadro MT AirMET 24kV
B04 - Quadro BT Collettore interno
S06 - Shelter per campo fotovoltaico
M02 - Quadro MT AirMET 24kV
S07 - Shelter per campo fotovoltaico Interno locale inverter
S02 - Shelter per cabina elettrica
C02 - Quadro MCC Interno
B01 - Quadro BT